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    Sigma EF Prime Lens Kit – 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm

    • 170 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Sigma EF Prime Lens Kit – 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm
    • Hood, Safety Glass, 2 Caps
    • Canon RF adapter w/Variable ND
    • Sigma MC-11 w/Aurora-Aperture 0.6 & 1.8 ND

    Alternatives & Add-Ons:

    Many companies build primes, but building fast glass that doesn’t fall to pieces below f2.0 is one of the harder missions in lens design.  With a maximum aperture of f1.4, Sigma’s wizards have staked their reputations on their special “Art” series of lenses.  This means things like Low Dispersion and Aspherical elements, multiple coatings to reduce flare, and advanced optical design to correct chromatic aberrations and vignetting.  Each lens covers full frame sensors and of course crop sensors as well (with a 1.5x telephoto effect).  Each lens has electronic aperture adjustment and autofocus – which you might need at f1.4!   Having said that, each lens has an advanced Hyper Sonic focusing motor which permits manual focus by turning the focus ring at any time.

    If you’re not renting these lenses for their light gathering ability, you’re likely renting them for the limited depth of field provided by that big f1.4 opening.  However, if you’re shooting outside using a camera that doesn’t have built-in Neutral Density filters, that could be problematic.  Each lens in the set has a different end diameter, so screw-on variable ND’s are not ideal.  MidCan’s solution is to package the kit with mount adapters with internal Neutral Density filters.  If you are adapting to Canon’s RF mount, Canon makes their own adapter that has a variable ND built into it, where the light level can be dialled in via a small wheel on the outside of the adapter.  If you’re going to Sony’s E-Mount, we’ve included Sigma’s own MC-11 adapter which is designed for their lenses and allows autofocus to work on Sony’s cameras.  The MC-11 doesn’t come with an variable ND option, but an aftermarket company called Aurora-Aperture makes small fixed strength ND filters that clip inside the adapter.  We are including 0.6 (two times reduction) and a 1.8 (six times reduction) Neutral Density filters, with the idea that any further adjustment can be tuned by adjusting ISO on the camera.  The internal ND of these adapters allows safety glass and lens hoods to remain on each of the lenses as well.

    Individual lenses are $50 each, with one of the adapters an additional $25