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    Sony A7slll

    • 250 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Sony A7slll
    • Five FZ100 batteries
    • Hähnel dual battery charger + AC
    • Dummy battery to Dtap external power cable
    • Two 160GB CFexpress Type A memory cards
    • Sony SD/CFexpress card reader with USB-A and USB-C cords
    • Thin 2' full size HDMI cord

    Alternatives & Add-Ons:

    We’ve had every model of A7s.  Why?  Incredible low light performance, small size and bang for the buck.  With the third generation, the trend continues with even better low light performance.  That full frame sensor gathers lots of photons, and the camera has a feature where additional processing kicks in at 16,000 ISO to magically reduce noise.  The “crazy” ISOs up over 400,000 are still here, but more importantly a previously unheard of ISO like 64,000 is now legitimately useable for real production.  The camera has a number of 10bit 4:2:2 codecs, which means editors now have enough data to make using Log profiles and modified gammas possible without the picture falling apart in Post.  This is a 4K camera.  Rather than play the resolution game, Sony has biased the A7slll towards higher frame rates, shooting 120fps in 4K using the full sensor, and 240fps in HD.  Most of those data rates can be recorded on a top of the line V90 SDXC card, but we’ve opted instead for the new CFExpress type A card which can record all frame rates.  Speeds of up to 800mbps mean offloading your data with the included card reader is incredibly fast.

    A number of practical features have been iterated to make actually using the camera a better experience for the shooter.  759 detection points mean autofocus is the best in the business.  The rear LCD now flips and turns for selfie videos or shooting from the hip, and it’s a touchscreen that can be used for touch focusing.  If you’re an “eyepiece” person this one has 9.44 million pixels, uses OLEDs for great dynamic range and pro internal lenses for a wide clear view.  Your handheld experience got even better with in-body 5 axis image stabilization and a bigger grip.  That bigger grip hides a battery with double the capacity of the A7sll’s, meaning a day of shooting without external power sources is now a realistic proposition.  Having said that, we also include a Dtap cable that ends in a “dummy” battery to provide external power from a broadcast battery.  The camera now has a more robust full size HDMI port and weather sealing of its magnesium chassis.  Pair this camera up with its big Brother the FX9, and you’ve got an incredibly versatile and high quality system!

    The camera comes with two 160GB CFexpress Type A cards, additional 160GB cards are $25 each