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    Sony Dual Diversity Wireless Kit

    • 100 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Sony Dual Diversity Wireless Kit
    • Sony URX-PO3D dual diversity receiver
    • Two Sony UTX-PO3 plug-on stick mic transmitters
    • Two 3.5mm to XLR male output cords
    • Dual locking 3.5mm to single stereo 3.5mm output cord
    • Smart hotshoe adapter on request

    This is the Sony URX-PO3D receiver, and man is it flexible!  First off, it receives two independent transmitters.  We package it with two UTX-PO3 plug-on stick mic transmitters, but if we have them available, you can swap one or both of those out for Beltpak transmitters with lapel mics (we recently upgraded all our lapel mics to the ECM77 for much better sound).  It has locking 3.5 mm outputs, and we supply two XLR male cords to plug them into cameras or external recorders, or a 3.5mm cord that gangs the two outputs down to a stereo 3.5mm plug for DSLRs.

    What really makes the Sony wirelesses unique though is that they have the option of interfacing with the “smart” hotshoe available on many Sony cameras.  This hotshoe adapter sends both channels of audio from the receiver to the camera without wires, while the camera can send power from the camera battery through to the receiver, again without a wire to get in the way.  This makes for potent combinations.  Need to shoot a low budget Doc and travel light with one of our Sony A7Sll cameras, but still want great audio?  It doesn’t get smaller than this.  Need to record 4 channels of audio on an FS7?  Take two channels in through this wireless and two through the regular XLR inputs.

    All our wireless microphones are not supplied with batteries.