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    Sony FS7mkll with 24-105mm EF lens

    • 350 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Sony FS7mkll with 24-105mm EF lens
    • Viewfinder
    • Choice of EF, PL or B4 lens adaptor
    • Canon 24-105mm EF lens included in base price
    • Three Sony U60 batteries, charger/power supply + AC cord
    • Two 128GB XQD memory cards, USB3 card reader
    • Side control/zoom handle with custom mounting hardware
    • VCT-14 style bridge plate/shoulder mount w/15mm rod support
    • Soft case or airline carry-on hard case - your choice

    Refined.  That’s the key word when discussing the second variation of one of our most popular cameras ever.  The great parts of the original FS7 remain: Super 35mm sensor, 4K 10bit recording or high frame rate HD recording, and incredible lens flexibility.  But there are always little wants after you’ve used a camera for a while, and Sony has addressed some of those in this updated body.

    Let’s start with that lens flexibility.  The mounting of the sensor close to the flange means that almost any lens can be used with an adaptor.  In this second go, Sony has made their native E-mount a little beefier with a locking collar.  This means that it is sturdier with heavier glass.  Such as?  Check out the incredible deal we offer on this camera with our Cabrio 19-90mm cinema zoom.  Perhaps the biggest technical change for the series two is the inclusion of a variable electronic neutral density filter.  It sounds a bit intimidating, but it’s very easy to use and a great “shooter” feature, especially when everyone loves that very limited “crushed” depth of field look.  Lots of cameras have built-in “stepped” ND filters to deal with the huge change in light levels between outside and inside.  The FS7mkll also has those, or you can simply engage the variable ND which lets you vary the light dimming from 0 to 100%.  Say you’re shooting an interview on a cloudy day outside, and you’ve set your iris to wide open to defocus the background of your subject.  You’ve set everything else for good levels, and then the sun comes out from behind a cloud.  You either have to change your iris (which can be hard to do smoothly with DSLR lenses) or change your ND, which is incredibly obnoxious and viewable on camera.  With the variable ND, you can keep your iris wide open for the DOF, and smoothly adjust your levels while rolling with no one noticing.  Another technical update is the ability to record in the Rec BT-2020 specification, a new 4K spec with allowances for higher dynamic range.  Finally, the viewfinder has also been redesigned to be a bit sturdier than the first generation.  Some recent additions to the accessories include camera native 98wH U-series batteries that still have a Dtap output for accessories (check for availability) and the possibility of an airline carry-on hard case if you need one.