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    Sony PDW-800 XDCAM Camera and 2/3″ Lens

    • 450 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Sony PDW-800 XDCAM Camera and 2/3″ Lens
    • NEW! Any B4 lens is included for free
    • Three V-Mount Batteries minimum 130 wH
    • Dual simultaneous battery charger w/AC cord
    • On-Camera microphone
    • Rain Cover
    • Soft carry bag with strap
    • Hard shipping case on request
    • Camera strap on request

    This camera records 4:2:2 full raster High Definition to two different sizes of optical discs that last 45 or 90 minutes at highest quality.  The discs allow the best of both worlds: random access and file based ingest to your NLE, all while retaining an inexpensive archive copy you can put on a shelf.  Sony’s latest generation CCD’s mean great images and great low light performance. And since they’re 2⁄3” chips, they allow access to our full selection of HD lenses.  Unlike most cameras Today, this camera uses CCD imagers rather than CMOS chips. This gets rid of any “jelly cam” rolling shutter artifacts, making it a great sports camera.  Capable of a variety of frame rates including 23.98, this unit also has the ability to under-crank and allows up to 2x over-cranking. The speed effects can be played back in the field so the operator can make changes on the scene. The 800 can also record in some of Sony’s Standard Definition legacy formats.

    We’ve recently revised the pricing on all of our 2/3″ B4 mount cameras. Any of our B4 lenses are now free and included in the price of the camera.