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    Sony F5

    • 300 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Sony F5
    • OLED Viewfinder
    • Three V-Mount batteries, Dual simultaneous charger + AC cord
    • Two 128GB SxS Pro memory cards
    • Choice of USB3 or Thunderbolt card reader
    • VCT-14 style bridge plate/shoulder mount w/ 15mm rod support
    • Custom top plate with VF connecter protection

    We bought our F5 to have a camera which closely matches its big brother the F55, but it’s not just a “B-Cam”, it’s an incredible camera in its own right. It has virtually no noise, even though it has a base ISO of 2000! Of course you can lower the ISO to open up your lens and take advantage of the Super 35mm sized sensor’s limited depth of field. Built-in ND filters make level control much easier than relying on matte box filters.

    That high base ISO also helps with high frame rate shooting, since it can do up to 180FPS in camera. Recently upgraded, it can now record 4K onboard in the XAVC codec, in addition to HD and 2K images. This is a 10bit codec with low compression and great quality, with 4 times the colour bit depth of most cameras, which use 8bit codecs. And if you require the ultimate quality, just as with the F55, you can clip our R5 recorder on the back to record 4K images in 16bit RAW.

    You can use Sony’s legacy SR and MPEG2 codecs. That’s just one example of the flexibility that is the hallmark of both the F5 and F55. Have 16mm PL mount lenses? Use them without adaptors by electronically cropping the center portion of the sensor while maintaining 2K resolution. Have Canon EOS lenses? Use them with our Optitek adapter, which is included with the body. Want to record audio without degradation? Both cameras can accept 4 channels of digital AES audio (or 2 analogue channels). Need to get off the tripod and do some run-and-gun shooting? Both cameras come with shoulder mounts, modular construction for convenient weight distribution, and most importantly, adjustable eyepieces which allow for the practical hand held ergonomics that are missing from so many of their competitors.