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    Sony E-Mount Lens Adaptors

    • 25 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Sony E-Mount Lens Adaptors
    • EF
    • PL
    • B4

    Sony has designed their recent cameras with the the sensor physically closer to the lens mount than most other manufacturers.  Consequently, thanks to their E-Mount, video cameras like the Sony FS7 and still/video cameras like the A7s can use almost any lens ever made with the right adaptor.  You can pick from any of our three options when you rent the camera, for no additional charge.  If you would like to rent them without our camera, they are $50.00 each.

    Metabones Speedbooster – this is the adaptor that goes out 95% of the time with the camera.  It allows you to use our selection of Canon EF full frame lenses, and has two main advantages.  Since you are fitting full frame glass to what is essentially a crop sensor, you are in effect “wasting” some of that glass.  This adaptor has optics built into it that help retain the focal length of the full frame lens on the crop sensor.  So a 24-105mm lens made for a full frame camera like say the Canon 5D, is still a 24-105mm lens when you use this adaptor.  The other thing the optics of the adaptor do is take advantage of all of the “wasted” light gathering ability of the full frame glass and focus it on the FS7’s crop sensor, to in effect, increase the aperture by one F-stop.  So even though that very same 24-105mm is an f4.0 lens on a full frame sensor camera, using this adapter, it becomes a f2.8 lens.  Too much science?  The lens is as wide as it says it is, and is one stop faster using this adaptor.

    Wooden Camera Positive Lock (PL) – It lets you take any PL mount Super 35mm cinema lens, and use it on the FS7.  Talk to us about a lens support if you plan to do this (that can be a lot of weight on what is essentially a still camera lens mount).

    MTF B4 – People that come from broadcast television are used to an incredible zoom range when using B4 lenses on cameras with ⅔” sensors.  When they come to the Super 35mm world, they often lament that loss of wide to super telephoto flexibility.  This adapter allows them to use their ENG/EFP lenses on the FS7.  There is a 1 stop loss of light, and the B4 lens to be used has to have a built-in extender.  Unfortunately that extender is what makes this work, so you only have the non-extender focal range available to you.