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    Sony FS7 with 24-105mm EF Lens

    • 300 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Sony FS7 with 24-105mm EF Lens
    • Viewfinder
    • Choice of EF, PL or B4 lens adaptor
    • Canon 24-105mm EF lens included in base price
    • Three Sony U60 batteries, charger/power supply + AC cord
    • Two 128GB XQD memory cards, USB3 card reader
    • Side control/zoom handle with custom mounting hardware
    • VCT-14 style bridge plate/shoulder mount w/15mm rod support
    • Soft case or airline carry-on hard case - your choice

    Sony’s latest camera is an interesting amalgamation of a DSLR, a 16mm film camera, and their own F55. It has a Super 35mm sized sensor, and uses the E-mount from Sony’s DSLR line, which allows a multitude of lens options. The camera records 4K on board, in 10bit 4:2:2 colour, at up to 60 frames per second.

    Let’s repeat that: 4K, 10bit, 60P. It can also shoot HD in 10bit 4:2:2, at up to 180 frames per second for incredible onboard slow motion capabilities. It is great in low light, with a base ISO of 2000, and can use S-Log to compress its 14 stop dynamic range. Just like its big brother the F55, it records in the XAVC format, which is well recognized in the non-linear editing world. We have Sony’s XDCA-FS7 accessory, which clips onto the back of the camera and allows V-Mount battery power, adds timecode in/out capabilities, has a RAW output, extra power connectors, and has circuitry to enable ProRes HD recording to the onboard cards (HD ProRes only, not 4K).  We also have recently added camera native 98wH U-series batteries that still have a Dtap output for accessories.  Check for availability at the time of rental.

    We include either a Metabones Speedbooster, a Wooden Camera PL, or an MTF B4 lens adapter. The Speedbooster adapts Canon DSLR lenses, and its unique design allows lenses designed for full frame sensors to hold their focal length on this camera’s “crop” sensor. As a side benefit it boosts the light gathering ability of the lenses by one stop, and retains electronic iris control. We now include a Canon EF 24-105mm lens with the base camera package. The PL adaptor lets you use the highest quality cinema glass.  If you use V-Mount batteries, we even have a cable to power the handgrip zoom on any of those lenses!  Adaptors are free when renting our lenses.

    The camera comes with an extendable control arm for comfortable handheld work, and we upgraded it to a SHAPE brand unit that rotates into position using a convenient spring loaded button. The arm’s grip allows you to zoom (with certain lenses), record, adjust your iris and change menu items.

    An adjustable high resolution viewfinder is included which can flip up for use as a small screen. The camera has two XLR audio inputs, HD-SDI and HDMI outputs, and built-in ND filters. The shoulder/bridge plate means all day comfort, and it locks easily into standard tripod quick release plates, but it can easily be removed to shave weight. Build it up, or keep it small – the choice is yours!