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    Sony Wireless Microphones

    • 50 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Sony Wireless Microphones
    • Lapel microphone, side clip, wind sock
    • XLR Male output cable, 3.5mm output cable
    • XLR Female input cable
    • Hard carry case

    The Sony UWP-D11, our new standard for wedding and DSLR folks.  These are diversity units, with fixed adjustable antennas.  They can autoscan their tuning block for interference, then the receiver sets itself to a clear frequency, and the transmitter can then be set by infrared communication.  They can accept mic or line level signals.  Many DSLRs do not have an earphone jack, making monitoring for quality impossible.  These units have a built in earphone output to restore some confidence that you’re at least getting good audio to the receiver.  They come with an XLR output cord or a 1/8” cord for the DSLR crowd, as well as an XLR input cord.  They can be supplied with a “smart” hotshoe adapter that sends audio and power between the receiver and camera with no wires.  We recently upgraded the OEM lapel mics that came with these units to ECM-77 mics for much better quality.

    All our wireless microphones are not supplied with batteries.