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    Sony XLR-K1 Hotshoe Audio Adaptor

    • 35 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Sony XLR-K1 Hotshoe Audio Adaptor

    This attaches to any Sony camera with a Smart Hotshoe, and adds two XLR inputs, as well as a mounting point for an external on-camera microphone.  On the FS7, it can add two more inputs to the existing onboard inputs, for a total of 4 XLRs.  On the mirrorless still cameras such as the A7s series, it adds two professional XLR inputs.  These inputs have Phantom Power, and the unit is powered by the camera’s battery.  The physical unit itself and the hotshoe adaptor are joined by a cable, necessitating two hotshoes for mounting.  The Movcam cage on our A7s series cameras makes this a solid, balanced reality.