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    Sound Devices 442 Mixer

    • 70 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Sound Devices 442 Mixer
    • Protective cover / field bag with shoulder strap
    • Multi-pin snake
    • Battery distro system with power for two wireless receivers
    • Two batteries + Charger

    Alternatives & Add-Ons:

    Our premier mixer without a recorder.  It has 4 XLR inputs and can output 2 channels over either it’s multipin snake or XLR outs. It can supply 48v or T phantom power and uses 4 AA batteries. It employs dimmable LED meters that are readable in direct sunlight. It has comprehensive limiters (in & out), direct outs and 84dB of gain. A menu system lets you customize many settings. It uses sealed faders and “pop up” knobs. It was recently upgraded with a power distribution system to power it and two wireless receivers.