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    Sound Devices 633 Mixer / Recorder

    • 125 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Sound Devices 633 Mixer / Recorder
    • K-Tek Stingray field bag + shoulder strap
    • Two 64GB Compact Flash, One 64GB SD card & reader
    • Battery distro system with wireless receiver power
    • Two Dtap batteries + charger
    • Timecode Input/output cables

    Hardly bigger than a typical field mixer, this little beauty can record a total of 10 channels of broadcast WAV audio to solid state memory cards: 6 inputs, and 4 mixdowns.  It has a CF card and an SD card, and recordings can either be mirrored, or different tracks can be recorded to different cards.  It has a built-in Ambient brand timecode generator.  The 633 also has AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs, so you can avoid the noise and other problems of the analogue domain.  Its LCD screen is daylight viewable, and can display graphic representations of all operating parameters, including meters, routing, timecode, card space, battery levels and of course, the menu system.  We include two 64GB Compact Flash cards which extend record times and enable monoWAV as well as polyWAV file recording.  Our package includes a battery distribution system, and has recently been upgraded to an ORCA OR-30 bag for ease of use.

    Since the 633 almost always goes out with at least a couple of wireless microphones, we’ve recently packaged it that way.  We have a new Lectrosonics SRc receiver, along with its two SMQV transmitters.  Together with the 633 they make a light, high quality  field package, at a package price of $250/day.  This is slightly less than these items a la carte.