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    Spider Support Systems Ringo Head 90 Degree Camera Mount

    • 50 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Spider Support Systems Ringo Head 90 Degree Camera Mount

    Like it or not, the way smart phones are designed, means that a good deal of the video that is shot on them is vertical in orientation (or 9 x 16 if you prefer).  This can be frustrating to show on “normal” displays since it throws away so much of the screen real estate, but it isn’t going away anytime soon.  Many businesses such as fashion retailers turn TVs sideways for their window displays, and the tile configuration of many video walls means they accommodate odd aspect ratios.  If you want to cater to these folks, but you need to use professional cameras and production tools, this can be problematic.  Your options are to get a very high resolution camera and crop off the sides in Post, or….shoot with your camera turned on its side.  That can be easier said than done though, and usually leads to a tripod being ratchet strapped to an Apple Box, or some other less than ideal jury-rigged solution.  Now there is a better way.

    The Ringo Head has been specifically designed to turn the camera 90˚ while retaining full tripod control.  Your quick-release or dovetail plate bolts to the solid aluminum side “wall” of the Ringo Head, and then an adjustable support on the other side of the head braces against the top (now side) of the camera to take 50% of the weight, solidifying its mount.  Multiple mounting holes let you adjust the whole rig’s position on your tripod head for perfect alignment of the centre of gravity.  Then you can pan & tilt your tripod head just like you always do.  Need to shoot that head-to-toe model as she walks down the runway?  Want to shoot a standing person against greenscreen and keep your resolution for the key?    Have a desperate need to show giraffes on an iPhone?  This is your life saver.