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    Teradek BOLT 500 XT Wireless HD Transceiver Kit

    • 100 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Teradek BOLT 500 XT Wireless HD Transceiver Kit
    • Transmitter with 2 straight or nub antennas (and a spare)
    • Receiver with AC power supply
    • Three Dtap to 2pin LEMO Cables
    • Three short HDMI Cables
    • Three short BNC Cables
    • Short 1/4" articulating arm, 5/8" stand mount, hotshoe mount

    Wireless video monitoring is starting to become expected on sets now, so we’ve upped our game with the industry standard, Teradek BOLT.  The transmitter takes HD-SDI (with loop-through), but it also takes HDMI for use with smaller DSLR-like cameras.  A nice extra is that you can input one standard at the transmitter, and the receiver will do a cross-conversion to output the other standard at the other end.  The Transmitter has two antennas that can be orientated as needed, to transmit a signal “line-of-sight” up to 500 feet, with no delay.  It can take higher frame rate signals, up to 60 frames per second of full 1080 HD. The Receiver, when hooked up to a monitor, can use its onscreen display to show a frequency sweep of its radio spectrum.  You can pair the devices over USB when hooked to a laptop, or of course wirelessly.  One transmitter can be received by up to 4 receivers.  The receiver can run off of an AC power supply, or we supply Dtap cables for it and the transmitter.  We also include a number of signal cables and mounting options.