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    Teradek RT Wireless Lens Control

    • 150 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • Teradek RT Wireless Lens Control
    • Hand controller w/focus wheel, zoom force button and iris slider
    • Neck lanyard to hold controller
    • Two controller batteries and charger
    • Receiver/motor driver and power supply
    • Three lens motors w/0.8 gears and cables
    • Hardwire focus thumbwheel w/gimbal clamp and cable
    • Mission specific power and signal cables

    Alternatives & Add-Ons:

    Full control of focus/iris/zoom on cinema lenses from up to 5000 feet away.  The 3 motors use a brushless design for high torque, smooth operation and up to four times the service life of lesser units.  The motors plug into either of our two receiver units.  One is a traditional unit that works with any camera, and we send the unit out with camera control and start/stop cables for a number of popular cinema cameras.  The other receiver is a Latitude unit that integrates into the body of our RED Helium camera for a lightweight integrated solution.  That solution even allows remote control of Canon still lenses on our RED camera.  Lets repeat that: when RED’s EF mount is bolted onto our 8K Helium camera, this unit allows remote focus of still camera lenses using the internal focus motors of these still lenses.  Incredible!

    The 6-Axis controller unit integrates a focus knob, an iris slider and a Forcezoom joystick into an integrated hand held unit.  It includes an OLED screen to relay system status, focus distance, etc.  The focus knob has detachable marker discs.  We also send the unit out with a hardwired thumbwheel that allows a single operator to control the focus channel when using it with our Ronin 2 gimbal rig.