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    Webcam / Video Conferencing Solution

    • 35 / Day

    Included in rental:

    • Webcam / Video Conferencing Solution
    • GoPro Hero8 USB power/signal cable
    • Logitech H340 USB digital headset w/mic stalk
    • 4-Way USB 3 hub w/power supply
    • USB-A and USB-C interface cables
    • Mission specific clamp/stand for camera

    Alternatives & Add-Ons:

    We have a number of solutions to let you do “Pro” live streaming, but some customers just come to us looking for a way to do a one person Zoom call.  We decided to create this little package for that very purpose.  If you just want plug & play, buy a USB webcam and call it a day.  If you want to step up your quality while still keeping it very simple, this is the ticket.  It starts with a GoPro Hero8.  GoPro recently released a small download to let you use the Hero8 as a webcam.  You just install this little piece of software, and then plug in the camera over USB (you don’t even need a card or battery).  Set how wide you want the camera’s view to be, and then it shows up in the preferences of Zoom/Skype/Facetime.  Next, rather than using the built in mic and speakers of your computer (if you have them, they’re going to be echo-ey and thin), we supply a Logitech H340 headset which also plugs in over USB.  This has a stalk that places the mic close to your mouth for great sound (and less shouting) and you hear the other participants through the lightweight headphones.  More importantly, YOUR mic doesn’t hear YOUR speakers which means no feedback or echo.  So much nicer.

    We also supply a powered USB 3 hub with the kit.  This ensures that both devices get all the power they need rather than taxing your computer.  It also gives you extra USB ports so adding this webcam solution doesn’t compromise your existing computer setup.  Finally, the hub feeds your computer over either a USB-A or a USB-C cable to cover all the bases so this solution will work with any Mac or PC on the market.