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    YoloLiv YoloBox Portable Live Stream Studio

    • 125 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • YoloLiv YoloBox Portable Live Stream Studio
    • Power Supply
    • Logitech USB webcam
    • 128GB SDXC Memory Card
    • Ethernet cable

    While we wouldn’t call it simple, streaming a single camera is relatively easy these days: get your camera signal into a laptop and use OBS to sent it out to the world.  However in our experience, streaming two cameras adds quite a bit more than double the complexity.  Suddenly you need a way to switch between those cameras, usually a way to address audio independently and you still need that laptop and OBS to record and stream the switched signal.  No more.  The YoloBox sits right at the intersection of capability, complexity and convenience.

    So what does it do?  It lets you take two 720P or 1080i/P cameras in over HDMI, combine them with a webcam or file over USB, and stream the output to Yolo’s server, which then sends the stream on to as many as three other streaming services.  Those services can be Youtube, Facebook, Twitch or a custom RTMP service that you may have set up for yourself.  You can stream over Wifi, a hardwire ethernet connection, or if you have a SIM card, even LTE in the middle of a field while running off its built-in battery!  All of the streaming information is entered into the device itself, so there is no need for an outside computer or extra streaming box.  You can add overlays, lower thirds and scoring screens if you are doing sports.  You can mix the audio that is imbedded in the camera signals, or you can feed it an independent audio signal over it’s 3.5mm connection, and then monitor it over headphones.  It can record your stream to an included SD card for posting or editing later.  You can also have the SD card as a source to playback pre-edited clips.  The USB connection also lets you playback clips or load in graphic files via thumbdrive, or as mentioned you can plug in the included Logitech 1080P webcam as a third camera source.  In addition to the 4 sources mentioned, you can also bring in a web source.  You can do picture-in-picture effects, and you can also place a watermark brand over your output.  All switching and interaction happens via its 7″ touchscreen, but it has a clean HDMI output if you want to record the switched output or just view it on a larger monitor.  What does it do?  What doesn’t it do!!