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    ZOOM H5 Audio Recorder

    • 25 / Day
    • Multi-day Discount Available

    Included in rental:

    • ZOOM H5 Audio Recorder
    • 16GB SD Card
    • USB Charger with charge/offload cord
    • Foam wind sock

    Alternatives & Add-Ons:

    This is a four track audio recorder that is the offspring of the venerable H4n and the H6n.  It uses the same “operating system” as the H4n, while having the ability to swap mic modules like the H6n.  The XY stereo module that comes with it has shock mounted capsules, and their record level is ganged together using the attached level control knob.  The other two tracks are fed by the combination XLR/TRS inputs on the end of the unit.  They have independent level controls, can accept mic or line signals, and provide +48 volt phantom power.  One appreciated feature is metal guards over the level controls to add some extra protection and a Hold switch to protect the controls from accidental inputs.  The H4n was “the” audio recorder of the DSLR revolution, and the H5 carries on that tradition by having a 3.5mm output to feed your camera a backup stereo recording, and you can decide whether or not to supply that output with 2.5v plug-in power.  The H5 also has a 1/4″ thread on the bottom to enable all sorts of mounting options, including onto a hotshoe.  The unit is powered by two AA batteries, and comes with a USB power supply for AC operations.  The USB can also be used to offload your tracks to a computer, or the unit can be a live audio input device for your computer.  It has the ability to constantly buffer a few seconds of audio to internal memory so you’re protected if you’re late hitting record, and it has compressors and limiters built-in.  Speaking of limiters, the H5 also has a mode where it will record a duplicate set of stereo tracks but at a much reduced volume level so you still have an option if your interview subject suddenly goes from a whisper to shouting.  It comes with a 16GB SD card good for hours of 4 channel recording.  A nice update and a quality recorder…